The Maderno

Insulated Aluminum Solid Patio Cover

The Moderno Patio Cover is the most efficient and architecturally stunning way to protect your patio from the sun's harsh rays and driving rain. Incorporating modern lines, decorative posts, post covers, architectural gutters, and a keen eye for clean connections and a luxury appearance, the Moderno is our most cost-effective patio cover option and our most modern style as well.

Homeowner Benefits

The Moderno Patio Cover was designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide your friends and family an architecturally beautiful space to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping the sometimes not-so-great weather at bay.

Using modern materials, including aircraft-grade extruded aluminum posts, beams, and gutters, injection-molded plugs and covers, and rust-preventing hardware, we create a patio cover that can stand the test of time gracefully. Plus, it needs only the occasional cleaning.

The Moderno is finished with a high-grade powder coat, which is baked-on in an oven to ensure all the structural beams are as beautiful as they are strong. Even our nonstructural components, such as our covers and plugs, are made with UV-resistant resin to make sure they can live in the sun practically forever.

Moderno Key Features

Post Cap Cover

Post Beam Connection

Gutter Downspout


When it comes to style strength and value, the Moderno hits the sweet spot. The elegant simplicity of its design combined with installation cost and efficient construction techniques means you can have a Moderno Patio Cover installed for far less than you think.

Using state-of-the-art design and engineering, the Moderno, like all Renaissance products, meets even the most demanding building code standards - it even passes the Miami-Dade County wind code of up to 175 mph hurricane-force winds. If you do not live in hurricane territory, this means your new Moderno can withstand far more than will ever be asked of it. Even heavy snow loads of 40 pounds per square foot are no challenge for Moderno. That makes it one of the most durable systems on the market.

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