Acrylic Patio Covers

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems & Patio Covers maintain high light transmission throughout the long life of the product! Designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light. Durable Acrylic sheets are 100% naturally UV stable and filter/soften harsh light. Sunspace Acrylic will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years, we guarantee it!

A Sunspace Acrylic Roof System will adapt to most roof structures allowing a seamless installation and a virtually maintenance free roofing solution! You choose from a variety of roofing sheets to suit you and your familys needs. The sheets are available in a range of solar tints that block damaging UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission and heat reflection, throughout their long life.

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems offer the protection you need, while complimenting the style of your home. At Sunspace, we have you and your family covered!


  • Proven hail protection
  • Patented condensate control
  • Heaviest most rigid panels
  • Non-shattering safety glazing


  • Superior energy savings and heat control
  • Highest light transmission
  • Even light distribution

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