Side Slider Garage Door Screen

Side Slider Garage Door Screen (SS30)
Garages. Theyre not just for cars anymore. PGT builds screened, horizontal side sliders that fit the front of garages, turning them into gyms, hobby rooms, playrooms and more. We start with sturdy, high-quality aluminum frames, then custom built to fit your garage. Panels glide easily on large, neoprene wheels, then latch securely into place. The Kick plate provides extra strength and prevents damage to panels and the low profile threshold won't damage tires and won't be damaged by cars.

  • Color matched hardware
  • Optional vinyl rolled panels
  • Sill with threshold on both sides
  • Swivel latches shipped with every order
  • Vent quantities range from 2-10 to fill any size opening
  • Vent configurations: stacked, staggered, pyramid, or condo
  • Rolled with 1814 charcoal screen mesh
  • 8", 12" or 16" kick plate
  • Inside mount frame
  • Outside mount frame
  • 2-track or 4-track frame option
  • Optional pull handles

Screen Options
Pebble Khaki
Screen Types:
1816 Charcoal or Gray
2020 Charcoal or Gray
BetterVue Charcoal
Charcoal Sunscreen
White Sunscreen

Color chart is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching.
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